Carola Vossen

Tekst & Poetry

'Daar waar het ontastbare voelbaar wordt, daar kun je vliegen.'

'Ik schrijf teksten. De drang om eigenheid te ontwikkelen en woorden te laten dansen.
Mijn teksten worden gezongen of gesproken, wat ze nodig hebben.
Hierbij geef ik veel artistieke vrijheid aan mijn muzikanten. Door compositie of improvisatie belanden we in uiteenlopende sferen, op onbekend terrein.'

  • The Peacocks
  • Septembers Beauty
  • Go to Sleep Now
  • Home Town Jazz Café
  • Wet desert Tear
The Peacocks

A new day
Another page is telling stories
Filled with grace
Their art will tell us to think of them
All their paintings are illusions
filled with sadness and confusions
Feel the warmth and memorize it all

You came here
I never should have let you closer
In those days
you thought that we could talk it over
Feel the need and look around you
See my eyes, they won’t try to
Loneliness is all there ever was

The summer skies
are reflecting the colour of your eyes
The peacocks I once knew
they used to fly so high up in the sky
I’m longing for
the memories of our life when we were “you and I”
now that it’s gone our mystery
How can I ever seem to feel you?

Within years
Our questions didn't need words of wisdom
After tears
the bitterness will find its freedom
Feel the pain and breathe together
Feel the need to breathe forever
All we really want to know is who we are

The summer skies
are reflecting the colour of your eyes
The peacocks I once knew
they used to fly so high up in the sky
I’m longing for
the memories of our life when we were “you and I”
now that it’s gone our history
How can I ever seem to feel you?

A clear sky
when restless clouds are disappearing
Our goodbye
was as strong as our everlasting
Take a final look around you
Hold the memory forever
Find a quiet place inside
where you can listen to the things
your heart is saying
Peacocks cannot fly forever
People can not live without shelter
Feel the warmth and memorize it all

Septembers Beauty

Red silky sheets in between
and surrounding you and I
Making love, peacefully
with leaves of red roses all over us
In the moonlight our voices sing words of joy
and the trees ask the owl
to call a breath of wind
to blow and bow their branches
so they can spy on us through the windows
when we sigh of pleasure

Their leaves make thousands of summersaults
until they reach mother earth
and search for each others warmth
waiting for sunrise
When you listen very carefully
you can hear the squirrels hiding their seeds to prepare for winter store
There's a lost butterfly, blinding by daylight,
searching his way back to his flower,
cocoon, on the edge of the wood
A nightingale creates a song
and a skylark sings along
Toadstools like little umbrellas
to protect the beetles against the rain

By dawn of the day when the woodpecker
knocks on the old oak to wake up the forest, the hedgehog brings his tired body home
His eyelids fall down and his mind rests
until the next night comes along

September's beauty makes me want to wish
it would never go away!

Go to sleep now

From silence comes my anger
Within me
I decide to dance
Dance 'till moonlight melts me to sleep
And... I wake again
I drink you away
You said: 'love me always'
My sobbing is ever so strong
Don't call me
Don't even say my name
Go to sleep now
Go to sleep and I will move my thoughts like fireballs
like fireballs towards you tenderly
I will heal your hate
My soul will waltz dizzy
through this lonely night
I'll know
But I'll never tell

Home Town Jazz Café

He tries to get a gig here and there
Telephone everywhere
Answers... no, payments low
because he ain't got no saxophone

He walks to places, in and out, drums to loud
Singers shout, noisy crowd
Broken bass, angry face
This seems to be the best jazz place

There's many people here
but who has got an ear
for music that he makes
and pleasure that he takes
Our feelings start to separate
from good tunes that we want to share
I think I know who he wants to be
so listen carefully to me

Music making is so breathtaking
it opens our hearts, nice music is art
so feel free to drop by,
have a seat and find out why
Music is here to stay
in our home town jazz café

And when he waits for calls from agency's
'Bet you that he can't feel free
a mad strong drive is leading him
to smoky places odd but true
he wants these tiny clubs, bars and pubs
Small but warm to perform
Public with a peaceful mood
That's where he's really understood

The few folks who are there,
they really have an ear
for music that he makes,
it's pleasant, it feels great
So feelings start to flow,
attention starts to show
That's what he wants to do,
give a song to you

Music making is so breathtaking
It opens our hearts, nice music is art
So feel free to drop by,
have a seat, find out why
Music 's here to stay
in your home town jazz café

Wet desert tear

Miles away in emptiness
beyond and further...
A few fulfilled hearts gave birth
and it happened ... a new life!
Little woman child, goat herder
She washes the dishes with sand
and in the only light of the moon,
Are her eyes...
Dark, equal, with black night
Her voice awakens the sun
But she hides away behind what can be ...
Smash that kid away from the herd ...
Sharp eye in soft desert ...
Little woman, where will life take you?
And when your tears are only wet
Could I should you an arrow?
With a top full of rain
so you can drink your pain away